Yes, our life has a code of conduct.  It extends into all of our relationships.  Many will be relieved to hear that.

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It is quite enough to live up to our own expectations of accomplishment without having to re-invent the wheel daily
Many will not be pleased that a new medium and a new society do not relieve them of their obligations to society.  <gentle-sigh>  Welcome to:

Baby  or Bridal Shower  Etiquette

Birthday Party Etiquette

Business Etiquette - emoticon chart

Cemetery Etiquette

E-mail Etiquette -  emoticon chart

Forum Etiquette  - anonymity does not have to bring out the worst in us

List / Group Etiquette  - networking for success

Other Opinions - Other Etiquette Sites - We don't all agree  :)

Personal Etiquette  -

Website Etiquette - W3C and Manners   Oddly enough, some website etiquette is different from 'real-time' etiquette.  The special environment of the 'net demands it. 

Wedding Etiquette  - see the special section on posting engagement & wedding photos and on-line registration for gifts


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